Список песен:

Calanit — "Do-Dee-Dee-Deem-Dum"Damien J.
Carter — "What world"
Depeche Mode — "A pain that I am used to"
Die Raketen — "Tokyo, Tokyo"
DT8 Project — "Namara"
DuSouto — "Ie mae jah"
F4 — "La prima volta"
Fisherspooner — "Never win"
Frank Popp Ensemble — "Love is on our side"
Furius K & Lou Valentino — "People shining"
Gabin — "The other way round"
Howard Jones — "And do you feel scared"
Ivy Queen — "Cuéntale"
KES — "The calling"
Lady Sovereign — "9 to 5"
Ladytron — "Destroy everything you touch"
Mando Diao — "Down in the past"
Masrhon — "Sobremesa"
Mattafix — "Big city life"
Maximus Dan — "Fighter"
Men Women and Children — "Dance in my blood"
Nortec Collective — "Tijuana makes me happy"
Ojos de Brujo — "Tiempo de drumba"
Polinesia — "Aloha"
Resin Dogs — "Definition"
Sergio Mendes — "Más que nada"
Sneaky Sound System — "Hip hip hooray"
Stefy Rae — "Chelsea"
Swami — "DesiRock"
The Go! Team — "The power is on"
TipTop — "TipTop"
Urban Puppets — "Sweat"
Van Ness Wu — "Poker face"
Voicst — "Whatever you want from life"
Zola feat. Maduvha — "X girlfriend"
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